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Philosophy:  Success is a Choice


Basketball is a team sport that continuously tests an individual's character throughout a season.  We will achieve success by choosing to W.I.N. (Focus on What's Important Now).  We will focus on the fundamentals, choosing to develop a strong character foundation, and choosing to focus on the things we can control...all while becoming the best versions of ourselves.  It's important for our program to embrace the W.I.N. process and what it takes to be successful in school, in basketball, AND in life.

The success of our program will not solely be measured by its win-loss record.  We certainly play to win games, but success will come if we all choose to work together in mastering a strong character foundation.  Alongside our willingness to make smart, impactful choices and focusing on the things we can control, we will utilize Christian values and John Wooden's Pyramid of Success as our guides.

Defining our core values / gold standards: 


Click Here to review our gold standards....developed by our players and coaches. 


IMPORTANT:  It's important to know that involvement in summer activities is not mandatory nor is it part of a selection process for our girls' school basketball team.  *Please note: this program is open to any interested parties, however, MHSAA transfer and link rules will apply to any students interested in transferring to St. Francis High School.


Congratulations to the
Gladiators of
St. Francis 
High School

2021/22 Roster

2021/22 Varsity Results
Varsity Overall Record:  16 wins, 7 losses
Conference Record:  11 wins, 3 losses

We Are Gladiators
Summer Hoops Camp
(Incoming 3rd-8th Grades in Fall 2022)
                      7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/28                        
                    Click Here for flier                     

Summer Activities
(Links to game schedules are provided below)

June 13-14: HS Players Summer Prep Camp
June 20-21: Frankfort Shootout (Upperclassmen)
June 22: YMCA Summer League (7th, 8th, HS)
June 29: YMCA Summer League (7th, 8th, HS)
July 2-9: DEAD WEEK
July 13:
YMCA Summer League (7th, 8th, HS)
July 18-19: Manistee Shootout (Upperclassmen)
July 20:
YMCA Summer League (7th, 8th, HS)
July 25-28: Youth Summer Hoops Camp 
July 27: YMCA Summer League (7th, 8th, HS)
Why is basketball great?

Basketball helps to build character while having a good time with friends.  You can participate and play indoors, outdoors, with a team or by yourself.  You can play it when you're young or old and it doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment.