Coach Warren's Program Overview

The overall success of our program will be determined by the passion and willingness of coaches, athletes, parents, and other community members working together towards common goals.  We will achieve success by choosing to W.I.N. (Focus on What's Important Now).  If we choose to stay focused on the things we can control and strive to be the best versions of ourselves, we have a tremendous opportunity to achieve competitive greatness.  We will use Christian Values, our GLADIATOR Standards, and John Wooden's Pyramid of Success as our guides.

Facebook Page

Join our Facebook Page today!  This is a group of young ladies, parents and community members choosing to stay informed about the Traverse City Saint Francis Girls' Basketball program.

Transportation Variance Form

Our High School program requires that students ride with the team transportation to and from all athletic events.  If your athlete needs alternative transportation, the Transportation Variance Form must be completed, signed and provided to your coach.

Michigan Safer Schools Testing Consent and Registration Form

There will be times in which school districts will require COVID-19 rapid testing of our athletes prior to competition if the athletes wish to compete without a mask.  To perform this test, we will need parental consent.  Please complete this Consent and Registration Form for Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test and submit it to your coach so the test can be administered.  You can choose to opt out of testing, but then the athlete will be required to wear a mask during competition.

Team Photo Order Form

This is the Team Order Form from Photography by Scarlett.  The 2021 team photo will be taken on November 23 at St. Francis High School at 4:45.  Varsity will go first followed by Junior Varsity.

Concussion Facts for Parents

This Concussion Fact Sheet has information to help protect your children or teens from concussion or other serious brain injury.  If a player is injured with a concussion, she is required to complete the Post Concussion Return to Activity Consent Form before she will be allowed to resume basketball activities.

Healthy Meal Plans for Basketball Players

In order to truly achieve your potential on the court, it is imperative you develop healthy eating habits.  These Healthy Meal Plans serve as a "nutritional guide" for putting you on the right path.

Apparel - Uniform Guidelines

Basic Apparel Guidelines Summary - "apparel" items, NFHS and MHSAA Rules

Why Parents Must Stop Coaching from the Stands

Why Parents Must Stop Coaching from the Sidelines by Randy Hutton